We could say like all out other competitors: “ we stive for innovation; we focus on innovative materials; we conceptualise the impossible and make it possible….but that should be obvious. Our strength lies in something more, something deeper that brings us to develop models that cater to those users that value safety and comfort onboard and in navigation. To give an example: the Clubman boats are built to be safe and family friendly; Coaster boats are still designed for the family but with less features in order to be offered at a cheeper price; Wide boats are family boats with more style and so on. It might be clear from the above description that a common subject is identifiable: “FAMILY”. The concept of family is extremely important for us and dictates all of our choices of design, accessories and overall conceptualisation of our models. Family to us is the people close to you, people you love and people you want to spend time with. We want our boats to be safe for children, comfortable in the living spaces, multifunctional for many activities and most of all reflect the quality of our all Italian craftsmanship.
In syntax why JokerBoat? because you will not regret it and neither will your friends and family!

Jokerboat has a strict dealer policy. We believe having partners omnipresent on the territory is a must for all clients. This is because if anything was to happen (knocking on wood) you need immediate action. We pride ourselves to have chosen some of the best and most active dealers to give you the best service anytime. Our ever-growing list of dealers can be found on our website: www.jokerboat.it

Most dealers have a JokerBoat’s in the water to test. We recommend you approach them and ask for a test drive of the particular model of your interest. We do find that charters are also a good alternative even though nothing beats stopping a random person in the middle of the sea and randomly ask for a test drive of their gorgeous JokerBoat.

Indeed you can! in JokerBoat we believe the boat should be “YOURS”; by saying this we don’t mean ownership of a physical object, but we believe you should be able to mould your new RHIB to your likings by personalising: colors, names, accessories etc. Create Your uniqueness is our slogan and our motto. All colours for tubes, fender, stripe and cushions are free of charge and at your full disclosure. Colors: Black, white and light grey for the fiberglass are also free of charge whilst the only exception is given by the color Anthracite (more complicated to work with).

Since the earliest moments of JokerBoat’s introduction to the market we have used only Hypalon ORCA® 866, 1670 dtex texture by Pennel et Flipo. For more information on this texture click here.

Hulls and decks are made by a composite of fiberglass, resin and gelcoat. Most models are made entirely by hand whilst others are produced under an infusion process with noble materials.

Cushions come from different suppliers but mostly respect the “marine industry certification standards’ for outdoor textures. We source only from the best suppliers to guarantee products that will last a life time.

Cleaning tubes is something to do regularly and with great care. Being a composite of materials, the Hypalon has an organic part that may absorb outer substances like skin oils, moisture, sunscreen etc and bring about the creation of mould. Keeping the tubes clean is thus mandatory and should be done weekly if not daily. We recommend to clean the tubes with water and a sponge every evening after usage and thoroughly with specially designed cleaners or a mild antigrease spray washed immediately after application [please refer to the user’s manual for better cleaning instructions].

Cushions must be cleaned anytime they come in contact with substances that may soak into the texture and cause moulds or decolorate of the fabric. We recommend to clean cushions daily from sunscreen or other substances that might soak into the cushions and even better, place a towel or cover on such cushions to protect them from excessive exposition to aggressive substances. Clean them with water and a sponge and a mild texture detergent [please refer to the user’s manual for better cleaning instructions].

Replacing the valves is very simple. Pull the old valves with strength from the top round part (don’t worry if they break you are going to change them anyways). Take the new valve and insert the shaft in the central hole of the valve. Pull from the otherwise the shaft until the valve locks in place (you will notice a small round part on the shaft that will act as a block on the valve).

JokerBoat produces boats from 3m to 11m giving anyone the ideal space to enjoy their boat with friends and family. Our recommendation as to what model is best for you, needs to address various points that can help you identify the best model for you:
1. How many people will be using the boat?
The 3.5m to 5m models are ideal for a family of 3 to enjoy their own space, spend a decent amount (including motor & trailer), are trailerable inflated and use little fuel to go anywhere.
A 6m to 8.5m model is the ideal boat for a larger group of people wanting each their own space and comfort aboard. Mind you, a 8m boat for 2/3 people is heaven on earth but still we like to imagine you having fun with all your friends aboard. These models have be deflated for transport, may require 2 motors and a larger expenditure in fuel.
9m > is still a “small” vessel, but it sure won’t feel like it when you are on board. These models may require special transport, 2 motors and an important sum for fuel.
2. Trailerable or not trailerable?
on this website, under each model’s technical specification or on the PDF downloadable sheet, you will notice it is written if the boat is trailerable or not. Trailerable means it may be taken on a trailer and does not require a special transport to be taken to your desired water spot. Models smaller than 7m may also be trailed inflated saving time when offloading at the dock.
3. Do I have safe place to store it during the winter?
this may seem a obvious question but it is something to think about when purchasing a boat.
Can I take it home and place it in my garage? Do I have to hire a professional to take care of it in a storage etc etc.
4. Dock space, can I find one?
it is increasingly difficult to find a dock space in most marinas world wide. What we recommend is you find a suitable space for you and entire if they have space for a particular length and based on that (and all the above).

Most models may be trailered and enter within the 2.50m limit. Be sure to check each individual product fact sheet to find our if your boat is trailerable deflated or inflated or if at all.

All JokerBoat’s models are produced and assembled in our factory near Milan (Italy). We source the best materials to be able to assemble at the highest quality. All JokerBoat’s are handmade jewels where we pour in our pride and passion.

Under each model’s technical sheet you shall find your maximum and optimal motorisation for the selected model. We don’t suggest any motor brand in particular as all are great and all cater to different client’s needs. All we do is design our boats to be able to accept all types and brands in order to give you the freedom to personalise your boat to your personal needs.

The factory does not offer this service as we don’t deal used models. Having said so all our dealers do offer this service and will be more than happy to have a look at your boat and give you the best possible valuation for it.

The factory does not deal with used boats unfortunately if not for repairs other professionals are not able to do. For used boats requests it is best to approach a JokerBoat authorised dealer and enquire to them.

Building a new JokerBoat takes very little, in theory. Our work force is able to make boats of < 7m in 2 weeks and boats >7m in 3/4 weeks (the Clubman 35 is the only that takes around 7 weeks). The only thing messing up these awesome statistics is order date. JokerBoat reserves the right to define a delivery date for a given model based on back orders and any issue that might be occurring at the time.

In every JokerBoat lie 2 long and short tags, each starting with a code IT- JBO. This is the CIN (Craft Identification Number) and it serves to purpose of informing you the nationality of the producer, name of the producer, serial number of the boat, year of construction and year of sale or registration.
The last 2 digits of this tag will give you the year of sale/registration showing yo exactly how old your JokerBoat is.

We know there is nothing worse than waiting to receive your JokerBoat and waiting endless weeks for the production to finish. Our best recommendation is to order your boat in between September and January and requests alate delivery in May or April. This will secure you a production slot and allow for Joker to prepare your boat with al time due.

The fiberglass used by JokerBoat has 4 different RAL colors:
– 9005 is the black
– 7046 the light grey
– 7016 the Anthracite
– 9010 the white.